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under the table and dreaming
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7th-Aug-2007 02:59 pm(no subject)

A whole lot of things are changing lately 
So I am changing things around here too

please add this new journal! I dont want to lose any of you!

new journal:




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24th-Aug-2006 10:32 am(no subject)
didnt you all know I am going to college for art?
16th-Aug-2006 11:28 am(no subject)

what a fine summer thus far


 got em colored in! they look a mess right now but u wait and see


23rd-Mar-2006 10:15 pm(no subject)
well in less than the past 2 weeks I have gotten 3 fab rejection letters
but more importantly, today, I got

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my parents decided over this last weekend it was best to get me a dog, since I have recently given up most hope on the majority of the human race
he is amazing and loyal and very kind
also, he gets along with sally!

something is finally looking up

what a winnerCollapse )
11th-Mar-2006 07:29 pm(no subject)
I dont know why I counted days and waited weeks to get the letters in the mail

if the only thing that happens when they come is me in tears in the driveway, wondering which is the quickest way to die

9th-Mar-2006 07:32 pm(no subject)
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above is a poster MassArt sent me today
I have a knack for getting sweet mail


have a good weekend everyone
1st-Mar-2006 03:57 pm(no subject)

my art portfolio

if you need something to do
or want to avoid the world for a few minutes

21st-Feb-2006 06:14 pm(no subject)
RISD just emailed me saying they never received my transcript.
WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!! since when did the US postal system BLOW SO MUCH???
so tomorrow I am faxing and overnighting a new one

this means they havnt even decided about me yet! booooooooo
17th-Feb-2006 09:16 am(no subject)
oh look, I got glasses yesterday!

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they are only for reading and art, but I still like them

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